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Tattoo Cover-up or Laser Tattoo Removal: Which Suits You?

The permanent nature of tattoos can be both a gift and a curse. Tattoos can help you gain a sense of individuality. If you’re one of the fortunate people who found a talented artist to ink you with a personalized and meaningful design, that tattoo will be something you can cherish for the rest of your life. On the other hand, sometimes a tattoo can lead to a sense of regret – either immediately afterwards as a result of subpar artwork, or years down the line as a result of changing preferences or loss of meaning.

If you belong to the second group (and have no shame – there are many of us), you may be weighing the pros and cons of getting a cover-up vs. laser tattoo removal in the Lehigh Valley. The right choice depends on a variety of factors – including your own preferences and the state of your current tattoos. If you’re sick of a tattoo and want to do something about it, here are a couple factors you should consider before making your decision:

  • Do you still want ink? – Some people may want to remove their tattoo altogether and revert to their original untouched skin. These people obviously would be better suited to full laser tattoo removal. Meanwhile, others have simply grown to dislike a tattoo which is no longer relevant, but still like the idea of having a tattoo in that area. When done right, a cover-up over a tattoo that has been previously faded by laser can transform a poorly done or outdated tattoo into an entirely new work of art.

  • Size, density, and colors – Large-scale tattoos with dense and multiple color schemes can be much harder to remove than simpler tattoos done in basic black ink. If you have a large, dense, multi-colored tattoo, it may be more practical to opt for fading your tattoo by laser to prepare for a cover-up instead of a longer full tattoo removal process. Whether your tattoo is simple or more complex in scope, it can be faded or removed completely and may be best suited for our Lehigh Valley laser tattoo removal treatments.

Once you’ve decided to do something about your unwanted tattoos, it’s important to consider all of your options. The best way to do this is to meet with a laser tattoo removal specialist for a free consultation.

At New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal, our expert can guide you through the process and help you arrive at the right decision. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal or fading, don’t hesitate to contact New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal for a free consultation today!

Jonathan Eirk New Wave Tattoo



Jonathan Erik/Owner New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal
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Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist
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