Safe, Fast Teeth Whitening in Pohatcong NJ

Communities all over New Jersey have benefited from an affordable and confidence boosting teeth whitening procedure. New Wave Laser Accelerated Teeth Whitening provides a convenient, personalized, and safe way to whiten teeth.

Many factors contribute to the dulling of teeth. Eating acidic foods and fruits can have a damaging effect. Wine, coffee, tea, and soda may be yummy but are also culprits in unsightly discoloration. Excessive fluoride found in drinking water, genes, age, tobacco, and even medications, such as the children’s antibiotic tetracycline, can cause damage to our teeth. Even if you have a strict oral hygiene routine, there’s no way to fully protect your teeth from yellowing.

Thankfully, teeth whitening costs are more budget friendly than ever due to advancements in technology and accessibility to communities. Teeth whitening prices are quite low compared to other cosmetic procedures, yet they still result in dramatic change. Although there are store-sold whitening devices, they are usually one-size-fits-all. They can be messy, expensive, and a waste of money as the results aren’t very effective, if at all. New Wave can provide a better, more personalized and valuable experience that will be worth your money. 

Our U.S. manufactured, and FDA regulated dental grade teeth whitening gel is made from plants and minerals, perfect for those who want to avoid adding toxic and harsh chemicals to their teeth. Combined with our high intensity ultraviolet light, our natural food-grade whitening gel not only whitens, it also repairs and supports enamel while destroying gingivitis. It is safe for any existing dental work and can whiten teeth anywhere from 5 to 14 shades, on average.

Our teeth whitening pricing along with our quick and innovative procedure, help us better serve the Pohatcong community. Call us at 610-295-5343 or click Book My Appointment to get started. Your brighter smile awaits!


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