Professional Teeth Whitening in Stroudsburg PA

Stroudsburg, the smile you’ve always wanted is closer than you think! New Wave Laser Accelerated Teeth Whitening provides a personal, convenient, and affordable dental grade teeth whitening experience.

Surveys have shown that the majority of people believe that a smile is the most attractive feature in a person. Unfortunately, age, genetics, and the foods we consume alter the color of our teeth and cause them to yellow and dull. Even medications like the childhood antibiotic tetracycline or having too much fluoride in your water can cause teeth to stain.

All Natural, FDA Approved

Luckily, New Wave offers a teeth whitening solution that is done with an all-natural, food-grade whitening gel and high intensity ultraviolet lighting. Because of this, our dental grade teeth whitening services are safe for existing dental work. Our products are regulated by the FDA and are manufactured in the USA. New Wave’s whitening gel also kills gingivitis while strengthening tooth enamel. Find out more by visiting our FAQ page.

Outrageous teeth whitening prices are a thing of the past. We offer different solutions to fit different lifestyles and budgets. We believe in providing fast, effective, and instant results - all at an affordable rate. Our clients have had their teeth whitened from 5 to 14 shades, dependent on their lifestyle and their genetics. While there are products sold at stores that claim to whiten teeth, they are often messy, full of chemicals, and take several applications with limited results. Oftentimes, consumers have to buy the product every few weeks and don’t see much difference. We believe in offering a personalized experience that will immediately reveal whiter, healthier looking teeth in only one session.   

Teeth whitening costs are a worthy investment and the value that they offer pays off in many ways. More confidence can mean more opportunities and benefits at work and in your personal life.   

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