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They say a person’s smile is one of the first things people notice. It helps communicate who they are and oftentimes exudes confidence. Residents of the Keystone State needn’t look far to renew their smile, boost their self-esteem, feel great, and look younger thanks to New Wave’s dental grade teeth whitening services. We offer fast, convenient, and effective treatments that will have immediate results. In fact, our patients have had their teeth whitened up to 14 shades.

The things we consume in our everyday lives often stain our teeth without us realizing. It’s commonly known that tobacco, sodas, and coffee have properties that contribute to dulling teeth. A lot of people don’t realize that fruits, genetics, and even the antibiotic tetracycline, usually given to children, can affect our teeth! Fluoride found in drinking water and the human aging process are also factors that contribute to discoloration. Even those with strict oral care regimes aren’t immune.

Gluten and Preservative Free Gels

Here at New Wave, we use an FDA regulated teeth whitening gel that is free of harmful ingredients. Our U.S. manufactured plant and mineral based gel is both gluten and preservative free. Combined with our special high intensity ultraviolet light, you’ll see results immediately. Our formula also combats gingivitis while it strengthens enamel and is safe to use on existing dental work.

Premium Service, Affordable Cost

So that we can help many people obtain their dream smile, our teeth whitening prices are affordable. We understand that teeth whitening costs can become a burden. However, thanks to technological developments and the popularity of our services, the once expensive prices of teeth whitening aren't as extreme as they once were. You’ll still get premium services without the premium Teeth Whitening costs.

Teeth Whitening for Whitehall is painless and easily accessible. Call us at 610-295-5343 or click Book My Appointment to get started. Your dazzling smile awaits!


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