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A man with a full sleeve tattoo


Tattoo popularity has risen in recent years, and so has the need to get rid of them. At one point, you would’ve had to live with an unwanted tattoo. Those times, thankfully, are long gone, and tattoo removal is now easier than ever. If you have a tattoo that you want removed, let us at New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal take care of you in the Phillipsburg NJ area.

Unlike those other clinics that also double as a salon or medi-spa, we specialize in tattoo removal. This gives us an edge since we’re not stretched thin over several different areas. We are experts when it comes to laser tattoo removal and know how to effectively get the job done.

High Quality Tattoo Removal Service

We specialize in the removal of tattoos and use only the best and most up-to-date laser removal technology. We are the only clinic in the Phillipsburg NJ nearby area that uses a laser that incorporates 3 true wavelengths to break up your unwanted tattoo.

Being committed to specializing in removing or lightening tattoos lets us understand our clients and their needs much better than a salon, spa, or dermatology office can. We know the fears and expectations that our clients have, and we do everything in our power to address and ease those fears while exceeding your expectations.

"Absolutely beautiful office, extremely neat and tidy. The woman at the front desk was very personable and greeted me using my first name! Jonathan, who performed my actual treatment, was also very friendly, as well as knowledgeable, and the epitome of professionalism! My first removal treatment was very fast, easy, and relatively pain free. This was my first ever tattoo removal experience on a fairly awkward area and I was sooo nervous, but the great team at New Wave made me feel 100% comfortable and I cannot wait for my next session!"

Chelsea M./Bethlehem PA

"I've been to New Wave a few times now for my first ever tattoo removal. The service is very good and everything is explained well. They are also very flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments."

Lindsey H./  Phillipsburg, NJ

Contact Us for More Information

Are you interested in having a tattoo removed but not sure if it’s the best choice for you? We are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. For more in-depth information, such as timeframe for the tattoo removal, schedule a no-cost, no-commitment consultation. Call us at 610-295-5343 or visit our website today to book your appointment.

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