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Laser handpiece for the Quanta Q Plus C



Our clinic utilizes the FDA-approved and Italian-made Quanta Q-Plus C, the first and only nanosecond machine to combine 3 true and very stable laser wavelengths in one platform. Utilizing the Q-switched 1064 Nd YAG, 532 ktp, and 694 Ruby wavelengths, it is designed to tackle all colors safely without damaging the skin.

With 5x the power of other machines, along with Opti-beam square spot technology, the Quanta Q-Plus C can remove tattoos faster than other lasers and with a significantly reduced chance of any tissue damage. Your skin is left looking as close to natural as possible once the tattoo is removed.

Quanta Q Plus C logo
Q Plus Quanta Technology | Removes Tattoos

Removes All Colors

The Quanta Q-Plus C is designed to target and shatter most all ink colors at their own individual depth within the skin. This includes black, brown, red, orange, purple, pink and also the more difficult green, blue and yellow inks.

The Quanta Q-Plus C technology uses a square spot size with a flat top beam which produces very equal energy distribution with no hot spots or overlapping of beams, lessening the likelihood of discoloration.

No Hot Spots

Quanta square spot size compared to competitors' round spot size

Complete Comfort

We have your complete comfort in mind. The proper cooling applications are a key component to any professional tattoo removal treatment. By using the Cryo Zimmer cooling machine, we can help you stay comfortable by numbing the tattooed area during treatment. This provides a better overall experience and reduces any chance of post-inflammatory swelling or skin trauma.

Zimmer Cooling Machine for Tattoo Removal
Before and After picture of a laser tattoo removal
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Best from Boston to PA

"I've been to 4 different laser tattoo removal places from Boston to here and I've had the best experience at New Wave by far. I've also seen the most results. Highly recommended!"


Mare Lena C. -Drums, PA

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