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Updated Feb 2, 2024

To schedule for a Free Consultation or any other Service at New Wave we require a credit card to be held on file to reserve any of your upcoming appointments. Our clinic is busy and our services are in demand. We are reserving your appointment time specifically for you, and therefore we anticipate you will be arriving at the date and time scheduled.


You will only be required to submit your card information once.  You will receive an email confirming your appointment date/time. (Your card will not be charged for this appointment request).  We do however reserve the right to charge your credit card a Staffing Fee in the amount of $90.00 in any event that you NO CALL/NO SHOW at the time of your scheduled appointment.


We are an attentive and professional practice and respect your business and time. We ask that you afford us the same by communicating any changes to your schedule in advance of your appointment.



To cancel or change your appointment:


Phone/Text: 610-295-5343

Online Scheduler: Click the link in your email confirmation, email reminder, or text reminder to be brought directly to the online scheduler. Or you can access the online scheduler from our website

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