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What To Expect When Removing A Tattoo With A Laser

If you’ve been considering laser tattoo removal in Northampton County, you may be feeling some mixed emotions. On the one hand, being free of ink you regret would be liberating! But if you’re unfamiliar with laser tattoo removal process, you probably feel anxious about doing something that seems so drastic.

Like most unfamiliar experiences, the best way to handle doubts and fears is to do your research. This way, you can weigh the pros and cons, and you’ll be better informed if you do decide to pursue tattoo removal.

At New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal, we help people get rid of tattoos that they don’t want anymore, or we can fade tattoos for cover-ups. For those thinking about removing or fading their tattoos, here’s what you can expect during a laser removal treatment in Northampton County:

  • Gold-standard technology – When you arrive at New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal, you can feel confident you’ve chosen a laser tattoo removal service that uses the top technology in the industry. Our Quanta Q-Plus laser platform offers unparalleled precision with minimal discomfort or complications. This platform uses three different wavelengths to remove all ink colors.

  • Technology that works with your body – Our laser removal platform will work with your body to erase your ink in a natural way. After the laser wavelengths break up the ink into smaller particles, your body’s lymphatic system will finish the process on its own.

  • Targeted and minimally invasive lasers – Our lasers only target the areas of your skin that contain ink pigments. The precision of the Quanta Q-Plus ensures that the lower levels of your skin are untouched. Furthermore, the areas targeted by the laser will be handled gently, so that there is as little discomfort as possible.

If you’ve been itching to rid yourself of undesired tattoos, but have hesitated for any reason, we hope the above information has helped you understand what the process is like.

If you have any other questions or concerns, or you’ve decided you would like to begin the laser tattoo removal or fading process, we recommend contacting us for an in-person consultation. This way, you can sit with our laser tattoo removal expert one-on-one and discuss all of your questions and concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Jonathan Erik/Owner New Wave Laser Tattoo Removal
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