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How Tattoo Location on Your Body Impacts Tattoo Removal Results

Lady's arm and thigh with multicolored tattoos

Due to its safety and efficacy, laser tattoo removal is one of the most popular ways of getting rid of tattoo ink. Lasers work by eliminating ink and breaking down the pigment color using a high-intensity light beam.

However, a number of factors affect the results of laser tattoo removal, including the location of the tattoo on the body, tattoo color, skills of the tattoo artist, your immune system, and the type of laser used.

How Tattoo Removal Works

A laser tattoo removal starts off with a laser technician using a laser over the area where the tattoo is located.

Tattoo removal lasers emit pulses of light energy rather than a single beam of light from a regular laser pointer. Each pulse seeps into the skin and directly affects the tattoo ink.

As the tattoo ink takes in the laser energy, it warms up and breaks down into small particles. During the days following the procedure, your body’s immune system will help drain the tattoo ink away from the location. Between sessions, you will notice the tattoo fading until it will completely disappear.

How Tattoo Location Affects Tattoo Removal

Some areas of the body may be popular for getting a tattoo, but it may not be easy to get a tattoo removed from there. Here is why tattoo location has an impact on the tattoo removal procedure:

Some Locations Are Better Than Others

Certain tattoo locations on the body are better for tattoos than others as it may be easier to get tattoos removed from there. The nearer your tattoo is to your heart, the more effortless the removal will be. The closer to your heart a tattoo is, the more blood flow goes through that area. The better your blood flow, the more easily your body can remove the ink.

For instance, a tattoo on the upper arms, upper back, and neck can be removed more easily as compared to those on the hands, fingers, or feet.

Some Locations Require Fewer Sessions

If your tattoo is on your upper body, you are likely to experience a faster healing time between tattoo removal sessions because of the closeness to the heart. According to laser technicians, those with a tattoo on their upper and middle body will also see faster ink removal between sessions. On the contrary, clients with lower body tattoos will see slower progress and waiting longer between treatments will allow the ink to continue to slowly break down so that you can see the results.

Location Affects Pain

Certain parts of the body can be painful when it comes to tattoo removal. Areas where tattoo removal can hurt most include places where the skin is thin, places close to the bone or ligaments, and sensitive areas of the body such as the inner thigh, foot, and ankle.

Final Thoughts

Laser tattoo removal can help you get rid of the tattoo ink that you no longer want on your body. However, it is important to note that it is easier to get tattoos removed from certain areas of the body. If your tattoo is located close to your heart, on your upper body, and away from the bone and ligaments, you can expect a quicker and smoother tattoo removal.


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