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Why Winter Tattoo Removal Treatments are a Good Option

The best time of the year to get your tattoo removed through laser treatment is in the winter because there is less sun exposure to affect your treatments and it gives your skin time to heal before the summer starts.

Woman with hand tattoo hiding face with winter jacket

One of the most frequently asked questions related to tattoo removal is what the best time of the year is to opt for laser removal treatment. Most people would respond by saying that it's never a bad time to go through the treatment; however, we must always consider the season which will give us the most effective results. The wintertime is a popular season to consider tattoo removal treatment because it's the easiest time of the year to recover. There are plenty of other reasons why winter is the best time to go for laser tattoo removal. Let's take a look at some of them.

Less Sun Exposure in Winter

When you go for your first visit, the professional laser technician will customize a treatment plan designed according to your skin type, color, and sensitivity level. Professionals advise people to avoid direct sunlight for several weeks before and after each treatment session. If you have tanned or burned skin in the summer, you are more likely to experience irritation and sensitivity during and after the treatment process. There is also the added risk of hypo-pigmentation on tanned skin, where your skin can permanently lose its natural color pigments.

If you opt for the treatment during the winter months, it will be much easier to avoid the sun since you spend most of your time indoors. Even when you step outside, most of your skin is covered with layers of clothing that prevent direct sun exposure.

You Don't Mind the Extra Hair on Your Body

After every laser treatment, it is advised to give your skin time to heal, and that includes staying away from removing hair from your treated skin. You aren't supposed to shave, wax, or even pluck your hair after a treatment as it increases the risk of scabs opening and the creation of blisters. With the extra layers of clothing that cover the entire body, you can easily conceal the parts that have been treated. This has the added benefit that even if unwanted hair grows on your body, it's not likely anybody can see it!

The Big Reveal

If you are thinking of getting your tattoo removed, do keep in mind that it will take a number of sessions (determined by a professional) to achieve the desired outcome. Typically, there is an 8 to 12-week interval between sessions, during which time your ink slowly fades. It is a steady process, and after the first couple of sessions, your tattoo will begin to look a little spotty. People generally keep their treated areas covered, especially if they are on visible parts of the body. Getting the treatment done in winter becomes less of an issue as you naturally keep yourself covered. This helps you to avoid answering awkward questions about your skin and what it looks like during the process.

If you want to show off your new, freshly healed skin in the summer, it's better to get started on your treatment during the winter. Getting rid of your tattoo(s) through lasering in the winter gives you a head start so that you are well on your way before the summer season.


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