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How to Speed Up Your Laser Tattoo Removal Success

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Want to get rid of a tattoo but worried about how long it may take? Don’t worry, as laser tattoo removal requires as little as a few sittings depending on your ink, health, and lifestyle.

Laser light is used to penetrate the upper layer of your skin and breaks down the tattoo ink underneath.

Once the ink particles shrink, your body’s immune system naturally destroys them with the help of white blood cells known as macrophages.

This is the stage when you can use the following tips to speed up your laser tattoo removal success:

1. Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to the sun causes the melanin levels in your skin to rise. This makes your skin absorb ultraviolet radiation. To speed up you laser tattoo removal success, it is crucial to limit the amount of melanin in your skin during the process.

Melanin makes it hard for the laser to break down the ink and makes your skin more prone to burning because it is now more sensitive. Make sure you keep the tattooed part of your skin shielded from the sunlight at least six weeks before starting your treatment.

2. Increase Physical Activity

Physical activity increases blood flow, which quickens the breakdown of ink particles in your skin. It is best to start cardiovascular workouts and daily resistance training.

Most of the tattoo removal process takes place once you are done with the laser procedure. Regular exercise facilitates natural blood flow, which is why it is recommended to work out every day for a minimum of four times a week.

3. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Taking antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics is important for quick laser tattoo removal success. Make sure you take in a sufficient vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and water.

Lean protein is also crucial for this purpose. Your skin is comprised of protein and requires it to produce antibodies and reduce inflammation. If your protein intake is low, your skin’s recovery time may slow down, impeding the tattoo removal process.

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking can have a negative impact on your body’s ability to eliminate ink. This is because it leads to vasoconstriction which is a tightening of the blood vessels.

Constricted blood vessels make it hard for your immune system to destroy the ink particles broken down by laser. If you are a smoker trying to get rid of a tattoo, we highly recommend quitting the habit before your laser treatment.

5. Prevent Infection

It is vital to make sure your body stays free from infection after your tattoo removal treatment. Here are some easy daily habits that can keep infections at bay:

· Regularly washing your hands

· Showering every day

· Brushing your teeth twice daily

· Cooking meats properly

· Keeping a hand sanitizer with you all the time

Final Word

After your tattoo removal treatment, keep the area covered, get ample exercise, and opt for a balanced diet. To speed up your laser tattoo removal success, steer clear of tobacco and alcohol, and make sure you do not get a new tattoo before the unwanted ink is gone, unless you are aiming for a fading of your tattoo, rather than a complete removal. If you are looking for a tattoo removal treatment or fading, visit our website for information or for scheduling your free in-office consultation.


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