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How Your Personal Lifestyle Affects Your Tattoo Removal Progress

A key element of laser tattoo removal is your immune response and how it impacts the fading process. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and limiting alcohol and cigarette consumption, the process of tattoo removal will be more effective.

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle is one of the top contributing factors towards the speed and progress of tattoo removal? A key element of laser tattoo removal is the way your immune system responds to the fading process.

The process of tattoo removal depends on your white blood cells being able to break down the ink particles. The health and quality of your blood allows the removal of broken ink particles from your system efficiently and effectively. The best results of tattoo removal are seen in those who have an active lifestyle, eat healthy food, and refrain from smoking.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

In order to improve the speed of your tattoo removal, you need to be active and healthy. The more active you are, the more blood is being pumped through your body, and consequently, this results in faster tattoo removal. You can do this by joining the gym, going for a run, walking your dog, etc. Not only will this improve the process of tattoo removal, but it will also improve other aspects of your life.

Drinking plenty of water will improve the quality of your blood and reduce the number of sessions it will take to completely remove the unwanted body ink. If your body is dehydrated, your blood health is also compromised, thus decreasing the progress of your tattoo removal treatment.

Consuming a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to ensure good health. Increasing your intake of essential vitamins and minerals, along with fruits and vegetables, will enhance the efficiency of the tattoo removal process, ensuring that it takes place without a hitch.

Tattoo Removal and Smoking

Smoking is the number one contributing factor for excessive tattoo removal sessions and can cause the fading process to slow down. Smoking cigarettes and other such products limits your blood circulation near the surface of your skin. Toxins such as nicotine and carbon monoxide have proven to increase the duration it takes for wounds to heal. The consumption of nicotine decreases blood flow and carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen carried by red blood cells to the rest of your skin. If you wish to counter the effect smoking has on your body, incorporating healthy lifestyle choices will ensure that all the systems of your body are balanced and maintained.

Apart from smoking, drinking large amounts of alcohol is also detrimental to your healing process. Your liver and kidneys help to flush out all the microscopic ink particles that are created during the laser treatment. If you drink alcohol frequently, the chances are that your removal progress may take more time than for someone who doesn't drink.

Tattoo removal or not, implementing healthy lifestyle choices will not only benefit you in the short term but in the long run as well. If you wish to get your tattoo removed through laser treatment, this is the sign to get active and eat healthy.


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